Prospective Partners

Enjoy Maximizing Exposure…

Thousands of businesses in Western Montana benefit from our marketing programs.

Partners include small and large businesses of all kinds—attractions, campgrounds, galleries, theater groups, hotels, golf courses, inns, outfitters, museums, resorts, restaurants, retail outlets and many more.

There’s strength in numbers. That’s one reason why joining Glacier Country Tourism as a member marketing partner is an excellent, profitable business decision. Together, we can market our incredible attractions, communities, businesses and services to a vast audience for a fraction of what it would cost to do it alone.

Becoming a partner of Glacier Country Tourism makes good sense. Your business receives numerous benefits designed to help you succeed.

Annual Dues are $200 for businesses with five full-time employees or less and $280 for businesses with six or more full-time employees.

Affordable bundled options are available for both types: $100 per bundled business with five or fewer employees and $180 per business with six or more employees.

New in 2018 is a corporate partnership that is a bundled partnership for up to 10 businesses for $1,500 – a great option if you have more than five businesses or business locations.

Partner Benefits…

  • Directory listing in our travel guide. Each year we produce a full-color travel guide with a print distribution of 150,000 and an tablet friendly viewership of more than 67,000.
  • A featured listing on our website and mobile site, with a link to your business to over 1.4 million unique visitors per year.
  • Email updates regarding marketing opportunities.
  • Email alerts on pertinent tourism issues.
  • Call center representation. Our call center receives more than 164,000 phone, mail and Internet inquiries each year. Our travel consultants will promote your business during these inquiries. You can also present your business or community highlights to call center counselors at no cost or host counselors in your community for a FAM (familiarization) trip, showcasing all you have to offer.
  • Listing events on our website.
  • Submit/promote vacation deals on our website.
  • Access to a key set of Western Montana photos that you can utilize to help promote your business.
  • Access to partner badges. The badges are available for use on your website and are designed to indicate that you’re a member of Glacier Country Tourism and a supporter of the local state economy as well as help your website with search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Ability to utilize the Glacier Country Tourism events calendar on your own website.
  • Opportunity to provide coupons for goods and services for travelers.
  • Lodging facilities have free access to all leads generated from travel and trade shows, such as NTA, ABA, RMI, IMEX and Go West.
  • Access to the Partner Center, which allows quick access to information such as our marketing plan, budget reports, ad campaigns and more.
  • As a Glacier Country Tourism partner, you have exclusive opportunities not available anywhere else. Participation for some of these may require additional fees or complimentary services, but offer excellent value.
  • Display advertising and listings in the travel guide at a discounted rate.
  • Participation in press trips.
  • Online promotions.
  • Opportunity to purchase qualified leads at low cost from the Glacier Country Tourism database.
  • Custom designed banner advertising on our website.
  • Opportunity to participate in digital revenue advertising packages.

These high value co-ops and advertising opportunities are available to our paying marketing partners only. To become a paying partner, please call 406.532.3234 and a member of  the Glacier Country Tourism staff would be happy to assist you.

2018 – 2019 Core Partner Benefits

2018 – 2019 Digital Advertising Rate Card