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If you are looking for ways to enhance your marketing and advertising, the list below will surely present at least, most likely many, opportunities that you will want to participate in. Some are benefits of your basic membership and others are “pay to play” but all are great ways to leverage our marketing expertise, resources, projects and programs to work nicely with yours.

Business to Business Leads – Group Tour, International, Meetings and Conventions

ACTIVE WITH GROUP TOUR, MEETINGS AND CONVENTIONS AND INTERNATIONAL FIT… Glacier Country has been active in marketing to group tour operators, meeting planners and international free independent travel (FIT) markets for many years. We have a Tourism Sales Manager who … Continue reading

Consumer Leads

WANT QUALITY QUALIFIED LEADS? WE HAVE THEM. Glacier Country generates over 200,000 consumer leads every year.  These are people who have either seen our advertisements, visited our webpage or heard about us some other way and said, “Hey, Western Montana’s Glacier … Continue reading

Member Badges

DO YOU CROSS MARKET? Of course you do, you joined Glacier Country right?! For MANY reasons, cross marketing (cooperative marketing) is a great idea. Definition: A marketing co-operation or marketing cooperation is a partnership of at least two companies on the … Continue reading

Event Calendar

WHEN YOU TRAVEL, DO YOU LIKE TO ATTEND EVENTS ON YOUR TRIP?  Yep, so do we and so do our visitors! Make sure to share any and all events in and around Glacier Country that may be of interest to … Continue reading

Visitor Information Center (VIC) Grant Program

ENGAGE WITH YOUR VISITORS, PERSONALLY. Glacier Country Tourism has long supported community-based visitor information centers (VICs). Studies show community-based VICs are more likely to be used by first time visitors traveling to an area. Visitors who use VICs spend more … Continue reading

Web Presence

WEBSITE… has more than one million unique visitors each year, a number that has doubled in the last five years. Visitors to the site spend an average of five minutes per visit, using the site as a pertinent resource … Continue reading

Vacation Deals

VACATION DEALS….you love them, so do visitors! In today’s age of internet, technology and a challenging economy, everyone is searching for a great deal!  With over one million unique visitors to the website, is it no wonder one of … Continue reading

Publicity and Sales

Publicity… Glacier Country has a full-time Public Relations & Media Manager that is dedicated to working with the press and helping facilitate stories and media coverage on Western Montana. This is done through building relationships, story pitches and hosting press … Continue reading

Advertising Campaigns and Marketing Programs

Spreading the Word… Glacier Country participates in a variety of advertising efforts that include online advertising, placing ads in key print publications and participating in advertising co-ops with our partners, such as Montana Office of Tourism and Business Development. To … Continue reading

Cooperative Advertising Opportunities – Member/Partner

Our team of Board, staff and professional partners has worked hard to find solid marketing opportunities for public and private partners to leverage our marketing efforts to their advantage affordable and effectively. To learn more, contact: Jim McGowan, Partnership & … Continue reading

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